Shout Out to Someone I love

Hi everyone, I just got a call from an old friend of mine. He has been a friend since we were in middle school together and he’s a great guy. His name is Matthew but everyone calls him Bear, probably because he has a grip like a vise and he’s as tall as a tree. (At least that’s what my dad says).

He’s the type of guy everyone loves and knows everybody, you know the type. He breezes into town and in a week is friends with everyone.

Ever since I’ve known him he’s been working, he would work after school and on the weekends with his dad cleaning carpet. His dad is a live long carpet cleaner and knows just about everyone just like Bear, or maybe it’s the other way around, Bear takes after his father.

Anyway he’s a hard working guy and when he got out of college he started his own carpet and upholstery cleaning company.

He moved to Colorado a couple of years ago and his carpet cleaning company is growing fast. If you get to the Glenwood Springs area, look him up and hire him to clean your carpets, you won’t be disappointed. His company is called Blue Sky Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Tips and Tricks to Get in the Game

More simple games anyone can do and some start up tips as well. Enjoy!!

We also carried around cd’s with music to play games like Limbo, London Bridges, and Ring Around the Rosie. Quick side note on the rhyme for Ring Around the Rosie, it is actually a poem written about the plague that swept through Europe, black death. Bit of historical uselessness I heard somewhere.


Anyway the games were fun for the kids and there were no winners or losers so we didn’t end up getting death glares from some of the parents because their little darling didn’t get a prize.

*Number one tip if you want to go into the party business, don’t piss off any of the parents. Especially the rich parents because they all want to keep up with the Jones’s and little Suzie or Muffy may just want the same kind of party Molly had. And trust me on this, what little Suzie or Muffy wants little Suzie or Muffy gets. No offense to the well off but I’ve seen this in action to many times to count.

Now we never discriminate, everyone I do a party for gets my very best and to be quite honest if my daughter wanted a party “just like the one Suzie had” I would, with no regret remind her that I am not Suzie’s mother and she is lucky I am throwing her a party at all.


Ok so I do discriminate a bit when it comes to my own kid but hey, I don’t want  her so spoiled she won’t kick off her shoes and play with her friends.

Heck when I was a kid my birthday parties mainly consisted of my brother and cousins and since my birthday was so close to my brothers and later one of my cousin we got to have group parties att my aunts house where we could swim, yeah for summer birthdays, have cake and ice cream – usually not the kind you wanted because it had to be something all the birthday boys and girls would like, and if you were lucky you got to invite one friend from the neighborhood.

Of course that was all I knew a party to be and I looked forward to it every year. It just became different somehow. And thank God for that or I would be working for some telemarketing firm right now. Yikes!!

Hope you enjoyed my blog. Check back soon and I’ll give you some more party planning tips and stories from past parties. It will be worth the wait, I have  some good ones. Bye for now.

Do People Really Live Like This?

OK where was I….Ohh beach front property same old party, I think not.

While the kids were set up outside under a bright pink circus style tent the parents were all mingling inside. Normal style, wait for it, There was a wait staff of 5 in black tie clothes handing out flutes of champagne, caviar, and shrimp cocktails. At a 4 year old’s birthday party…you’d think I’m joking but I saw it with my own eyes.


That was the first time I ever tasted shrimp and I liked it, couldn’t get my mom to add it to the weekly shopping list though. Bummer.

Anyway we took the kids away from the pony rides and led them to the sand for game time. Most of the kids happily kicked off there shoes but one little girl, 4 years ole mind you, refused saying, “The sand will wreck my pedicure.” I had never even heard of a pedicure at 13, boy did I feel ignorant.

We had this big parachute with bright colors and handles and after getting each kid to take a handle I would toss on a few balls. Then the kids would move the chute up and down and try to keep catching the balls. You would think we invented ice cream. The squeals and laughter was so fun to hear and turned these sophisticated mini socialites into, you guessed it, regular kids.


Just goes to show that all the money in the world doesn’t promise real fun and belly laughs like simple parachute game. Don’t have a parachute for your kids birthday? Get a king sized sheet from your cupboard. Another variation on this game is to have the kids bring the parachute up and down a few times so it catches some air, then count to three and have all of the kids run under the parachute. When it comes back down you will all get covered and for some reason this is great fun for most kids.

I say most because there were a few times when the chute came down that one child or another would scream bloody murder and run to the open arms of their mom or dad. Well, a good lesson to show you can’t win them all. But most of the kids liked it and worked so hey, if its not broke don’t fix it.

More party stories and tips coming your way soon. For now I’m off to party. Bye-e!

Parties for Everyone

I Once Dreamed I Was A Party Planner

Hey everyone! Lexi Tucker signing in. I have the funniest job you can ever imagine. I am a

Birthday Party Specialist. Probably not a job title you’ve heard before but that’s what I do. I’ve

been planning parties for 5 years now but I got my start when I was 13.


I was at a birthday party for this little girl I babysat and “The Little Mermaid” arrived. Her assistant who was also her niece landed in summer school so I was recruited to assist her that day.

Turns out she needed help and I was available. Worked summers and weekends for the next 4 years and from a kid who never ventured far from her own neighborhood I learned and saw a lot.

I’m full of party tips and tricks from the simple to the extravagant and some of the parents we’ve done parties for take extravagant to a whole new level.

I lived in Southern California when my party adventures began and it was a culture shock times 10!! I grew up in a middle class area not poor not rich but these parties took me to areas I’d never even heard of…Lake Forest, Coto De Caza, Irvine, Yorba Linda. Look those cities up on a real estate map and you’ll see what I mean.

So in the beginning my boss Kelly would dress up like Disney characters and perform a 1 hour party for the kids. This usually included games, prizes, a karaoke song from the movie and a special birthday treat for the birthday girl.

Me, I read the maps in the car, made sure everything was packed and unpacked, collected the check from the parents and kept us on schedule. Fun stuff but hey I learned a lot and made $200 bucks a weekend plus tips, not bad at 13.

Some parties were run of the mill, mid class house or maybe a bit bigger than I was used to but normal then we got to the big houses. Fancy cars lining the sidewalk and inside OMG!!

One of the first parties to really impress me was a beach front home with more glass wrapping around a killer view of the ocean. While the house was spectacular I knew we were doing the same party routine as always so I didn’t expect to see much of a difference inside.

Boy was I wrong….  More details in my next blog. See you all again soon.